Thunder Bay Herps

Private Breeder of Captive Bred Reptiles

Ray Gurgui
St. Pete. FL.
(727) 527-2889 

This site is very out of date , too much trouble to change.
I am now on Face Book.

Eastern BTS - $200.00
Species     Mom     X     Dad    .   Baby       Born  

E-F14 X M6.05     5/23/10
E-F15 X M7.06     5/24/10
E-F13 X M8.01    6/27/10
E-F5 X M7.02      6/28/10
E-F9 X M6.01      7/3/10
E-F2 X M4.06      7/3/10

E-F8 X M6.01    7/14/10

Tanimbar Island BTS - $150.00

T-F1 X M2.01     6/4/10 

Northern BTS - $100.00

N-F6 X M4.09      6/5/10
N-F1 X M1.10      6/6/10
N-F2 X M1.10      6/7/10
N-F7 X SM1.03    6/11/10
N-F5 X M6.08     6/18/10
N-F9 X M2.03    6/21/10
N-F4 X M5.04    6/21/10
N-F11 X M5.05    6/24/10
N-F8 X M7.06     6/27/10
N-F15 X SM1.07    7/4/10
N-F13 X M7.06     7/5/10

Caramel Northern BTS - $100.00

CNF4 X CNM1.06    6/11/10
CNF5 X CNM1.09    6/15/10
cnxcnF3 X cnxcnM3.02    6/20/10
cnxcnF2 X cnxcnM3.11    6/25/10
cnxcnF1 X cnxcnM2.11    6/26/10

I am an Authorized Fed Ex Shipper 
I ship Monday to Wednesday , next day air to your door or buisness.
For a price quote , email your complete address and phone number
and I will call you back with the quote. Then you can add that to the
price of your order.

I accept Paypal (button below)   *money orders and ,  *Personal Checks but
have to wait for checks to clear before shipping.
Payment by  *  e-mail me for my mailing address.

Before you make an order, call or e-mail me first to find out if the
item is still available or ready to be shipped.
I can fit alot in the same box, to help save on shipping.




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